15 february 2015

Restaurant Day in Turku. Greenpeace was handing out ginger tea and and polar bear hugs.
We also visited a restaurant serving veggie burritos in Puolalanpuisto and had a taste of chow 
mein and lemon sorbet in Kupittaa, but it seems like I was too busy eating to any take pictures.

I wanted to photograph one of my favorite trees but ended up liking the reflections more.

Cygnaeus Elementary school

Pikisaari village, Hirvensalo

Climbing down to the waterline without Ice bugs was stupid. Did I hurt myself? Yes.

Sunset in Hirvensalo

Back in Turku city centre. View from Myllysilta bridge, Fibonacci tower on the right side.



8 february 2015



Tapsa (afghan hound, 7) by the Turku Art Museum

I have no idea why the saturation changes when uploading photos here. 
Is there a way I can prevent that from happening? 

Tried to decrease the saturation a few notches before uploading, getting closer...